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    Solutions On Multiple Control Platforms

    To meet the needs of your machine tool retrofit application.


    • High-End CNC Systems
    • Low-Cost CNC Systems
    • CNC Retrofit Kits

    We offer both Analog and Digital CNC Solutions – at multiple price points. Analog Solutions allow us to integrate a new CNC Control, but keep the existing drives and motors. For a High-End CNC Retrofit application or when the existing drives and motors are obsolete, we recommend a Digital CNC System. While occasionally more expensive, it gives our customers the peace of mind that comes with having all new drives and motors.

    Learn more about our CNC Retrofit Solutions.


    • Upgrade Relay Machines
    • Upgrade Outdated PLC Machines
    • Increase Up-Time & Ease-Of-Use

    There are still many applications that do not require the full capability of a CNC system, but can benefit from a control upgrade. A new control system can eliminate failures caused by obsolete electrical components.

    Learn more about our PLC Upgrades.


    • Machine Tool Applications
    • Standard Automation
    • Multiple Vendor Offering

    We have over 30 years of industrial automation experience. For most motion control applications we lead with Beckhoff Automation. Beckhoff typically offers the lowest cost solutions, without sacrificing on performance. We also use Automation Direct PLCs (for low-end applications) and Rockwell Products when the specification requires it.

    Learn more about Motion Control for Machine Tool Applications.


    • Wide Drive Selection
    • For AC & DC Motors
    • Many Applications

    Our cost-effective drive replacement solutions give our customers the ability to replace their old drive system without requiring a complete system replacement. However, if new motors are needed we can provide them.

    Learn more about our Drive Replacement Solutions.


    • Machine Tool Applications
    • Alternative to Hydraulic System Replacement
    • Control Proportional and Servo Grade Valves

    Many machine tool applications exist with hydraulically controlled axes. In most cases our customers do not want to incur the cost to replace the whole hydraulic system. By using Hydraulic Controllers from Delta Computer Systems, we are able to offer a cost effective hydraulic control solution.

    Learn more about Hydraulic Control Applications.


    • Mechanical Field Services
    • Precision Scraping
    • Alignment & Installation

    While we do not offer in-house mechanical services; over the years we have partnered with many different rebuilders when the application required it. If you are in search of mechanical services please give us a call – we are happy to refer one of our trusted partners. For projects that have both mechanical and electrical components, we can manage the project to make sure everything stays within budget and on schedule.


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