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    Retrofits for Clutch Style NC Machines

    There are many clutch style NC machines such as G&L or Fraser still out there. Many are barely running or are not running at all due to control related issues. Most of these machines are very solid and rigid machines that could still have many more years of service life. MasterControls has experience giving new life to these types of machines.

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    Siemens 808D in Single & 2 Axis Applications

    The Siemens 808D Basic and 808D Advanced controls are well suited for single and 2 axis applications. Applications such as rotary dials, drill slides, infeed slides, tool changers, grinding dressers, feed-to-length, pick-n-place, and more are a good fit for these controls. The RS274/G-code programming environment allows the user to make quick and easy changes to their application. Customization can also be done easily with the Siemens S7-200 PLC located inside the 808 control system.

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