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    CNC Simulators

    SINUMERIK Operator Cases, Drive Racks, and full Training Racks

    Our SINUMERIK CNC simulators bring the Siemens CNC control right into the classroom, office, or maintainence space. Providing users with exposure to SINUMERIK controls without the need for a full feature machine. Users can realistically practice programming, operating, installation, and service tasks. We offer simulators in multiple different control platforms, sizes, and types. Customers can choose to purchase just Operator Station cases, OP Case and S120 Motion Rack, or a combination Training Rack. Each simulator can be licensed to use of ALL SINUMERIK software options available. This means that users can practice using ShopMill/ShopTurn conversational programming, 3D Simulation, DXF Programming, and more! Additionally each SINUMERIK CNC has USB and Ethernet data capabilities.


    828 Simulators

    840D sl

    840 Simulators_screens

    S120 Drive

    Both Test Racks_3

     828D OP Training Case:


    • Available in Mill, Lathe (Turning), or Grinding systems
    • 3-Axis Milling / 2 Axis Turning (more axes available)
    • 10.4″ Color Screen (15.6″ Touch Screen available)
    • ShopMill/ShopTurn Conversational Programming
    • 3D Simulation, DXF Reader, and More!
    • Inch / Metric toggle
    • 3MB part program storage (Upgradable to 2GB)
    • Workpiece Coordinates G54-G59, G507-G599
    • Full QWERTY keyboard
    • USB, CF, Ethernet connectivity


    Power: 100-120V, 5A, 60Hz
    Weight: Approx. 45lbs (20KG)
    Dimensions: Approx. 20″ x 16″ x 8″ (508mm x 406mm x 203mm)

    840D sl OP Training Case:


    • Premium CNC, with Maximum Performance
    • Available in Mill, Lathe (Turning), or Grinding systems
    • 3-Axis Milling / 2 Axis Turning (more axes available)
    • 15.6″ Touch Screen Operator Panel (19″ available)
    • 710.3 NCU, standard (720.3 or 730.3 available)
    • ShopMill/ShopTurn Conversational Programming
    • Inch / Metric toggle
    • 10MB part program storage (Up to 6GB)
    • Workpiece Coordinates G54-G59, G507-G599
    • USB and Ethernet connectivity


    Power: 100-120V, 5A, 60Hz
    Weight: Approx. 55lbs (25KG)
    Dimensions: Approx. 16″ x 20″ x 8″ (406mm x 508mm x 203mm)

    S120 Motion Rack:


    • Motion Rack with Caster Rolling Wheels
    • SINAMICS S120
      • Smart Line Module (16kW)
      • 2-Axis Module 2 x 3A
      • 1-Axis Module 3A
    • (3) 1FK7 synchronous motors with choice of encoders
    • Pair with 828D or 840D Training Case
    • Combination Training Racks available
      • Full training rack – Drives, Motors, NCU, IO all on standalone roll around rack


    Power: 100-120V, 15A, 60Hz
    Weight: Approx. 185lbs (84KG)
    Dimensions: Approx. 24″ x 20″ x 52″ (610mm x 508mm x 1321mm)


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    Want to Try Sinumerik CNC Before you Buy?

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    Download the FREE PC Software HERE.

    FREE Training Webinars covering the following:

    • Workpiece/Tool Setup
    • G-Code Standard/Advanced Cycles (programGUIDE)
    • Program Simulation
    • Create & Manage Tools/Offsets
    • Conversational Standard/Advanced Cycles (ShopMill/ShopTurn)
    • Working with CAD/CAM Programs
    • DXF Programming
    • Automatic Calculations (trig, contours, etc.)
    • Probing Cycles (Manual/Automatic)
    • And Many more!

    Download the Siemens SINUMERIK 808D / 808D ADVANCED Catalog for more information.

    Download the Siemens SINUMERIK 828D / 828D BASIC Catalog for more information.

    Download the Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl Catalog for more information.

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