NUM PCProCAM is a complete off-the-shelf conversational programming software package for milling machines retrofitted with a NUM CNC system. The PCProCAM milling conversational dramatically reduces the operator learning curve by using a graphical interface to step the operator through the creation of basic milling operations. Operators can use PCProCAM without having knowledge of ISO Programming because the program is automatically generated.

Conversational Programming Software Num PCProCAMThe Latest in Conversational Programming Software

  • User Friendly Windows Based Interface
  • Define hole patterns using the following geometries: Arc, Cover Patter, Drilling with Rotary Axis, Grid, Pitch Circle, Row, and Single Points.
  • Perform the following drilling cycles on hole patterns: Center Drill or Chamfer, Peck, Chip, Counter Bore, Tap, Ream-Feed Out, Bore-Dwell/Feed Out, Bore—Stop/Rapid Out, Thread Chase, Taper Threading.
  • Circular, oblong, retangular and square pockets definition.
  • Integrated Context Sensitive Help File


Download the PCProCAM for Milling Brochure for more information.