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    Forest Line F200 Horizontal Boring Mill Retrofit

    The Forest Line F200 horizontal boring mill had the following axes with associated travels:

    • X- 12,500mm (longitudinal travel)
    • Y- 3,500mm (vertical travel)
    • Z-1,000mm (headstock in/out)
    • W-1,250mm (main spindle in/out)
    • V-500mm (auxiliary spindle in/out)
    • U-300mm (detachable facing head)
    • C-1600mm (in/out rotary table)
    • B- rotary table

    This extremely large mill had two axes that are in the Z axis of the headstock. These axes (V&W) are for the extension of two spindles with CAT 40 and CAT60 tools. The mill had a large side tool changer which the customer removed. In addition to the standard tool mounting there were 5 additional heads that would be exchanged by the mill on request. These heads were mounted in a rack for retrieval. One of the heads was used for facing and had a detachable U axis for facing.

    The previous control on the machine was a rack mounted NUM 1060 control. The drives, servos, and spindle were all Siemens. The customer requested that the NUM control be updated with the newest NUM technology which was the Axium CNC system at the time. The customer selected Line Machine out of Canada for the machines mechanical and electrical rebuild. Line in turn hired MasterControls to provide a complete control upgrade solutions. This solution consisted on a 3 bay control cabinet with NUM Axium CNC control, NUM C drives, and all new magnetics. Additionally, the new solution had to control the hydraulic counterbalance system.