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    Gray HBM CNC Retrofit (7″ Model 6700 W/S)

    The model 6700 Gray boring mill has a 7 inch quill that telescopes inside of a 15 inch bar. This allows the floor mill to extend over 60 inches in the Z direction with rigidity. The machine has a 100HP DC spindle with 3 machining ranges up to 850 RPM. This mill also includes a 6 foot B axis table that is detachable. The original control that came with the machine was an Allen Bradley 7360 CNC control with DC drives. The machine was later retrofitted in 2000 with an Allen Bradley 9PC (9 series) control, digital AC servo drives, and a 1397 spindle drive. This retrofit included a complete replacement of the magnetics and main enclosure. Additionally, the three primary axes (XYZ) were outfitted with Newall scales. The X axis was outfitted with a 300”, Y 120”, and the Z 60” in travel. In 2016 the machine was retrofitted again with a NUM Flexium 6 CNC control and digital drives/motors. The Newall scales were reused and had shown little or no wear. Additionally, the 1397 Allen Bradley spindle drive was reused.

    The NUM Flexium Control Hardware:

    • 15” color display with keypad
    • Machine Tool Builders panel
    • Handheld MPG
    • Industrial IPC/IBox
    • Flexium NCK
    • IO replacement on Ethercat
    • XY- Digital AC drives with 100NM servo motors
    • Z-Digital AC drive with 56NM motor
    • B-Digital AC drive with 22NM motor
    • Common Bus Power Supply w/ line filtering