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    Okuma MC-80H Machining Center Retrofit

    The Okuma MC-80H is a horizontal machining center with X, Y, Z, B axes. This machine also includes two 76 tool magazines with interconnected tool pick-n-place for transfer to and from tool transfer area. Additionally, the machine has a 6 pallet changing system.

    The original CNC system was an Okuma OSP5000M-G control that controlled 5 axes on the machine which included the pick-n-place axis. In addition to the 5 servos the machine has a 15KW spindle with CAT40 tooling. The original feedback on the machine was incremental and resolver type.

    The customer selected the NUM Flexium 8 CNC control with the following machine upgrades:

    • Replacement of all magnetics and control components in machine control cabinet
    • Replacement of operator station and the addition of handpulse generator pendant
    • Replacement of all servo motors and drives including spindle
    • Additional control display and control station at the tool change area for easy teach and tool sequence testing
    • Remote pallet control station
    • Replacement of magazine encoders & spindle encoder
    • Absolute scales on X, Y, and Z axes.
    • Absolute motor on tool pick-n-place
    • Remote pallet control station
    • Wireless tool length setter and probe
    • Upgrade to B axis Inductosyn scale, with absolute control position memory
    The NUM Flexium 8 CNC control had the following options:

    • Rigid tapping control
    • Dual control display
    • Additional setup and control functions for machine ease of operation
    • Additional control group to run tool changer axis asynchronous to main axis group
    • MTConnect interface for machine data exchange with customer’s Management Information System