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    Siemens 808D Advanced CNC Retrofit: Cincinnati CIMX HBM


    Cincinnati CIMX mills were originally outfitted with hydraulic motors and resolver feedback. These machines have 3 hydraulic servo axes with a 4th quill axis that is positioned off roughly 32 cam switches.

    On this project the end customer requested a low-cost CNC solution to replace their outdated control system. We recommended the Siemens 808D Advanced, because it offers higher end functionality, at a price that made sense for this machine.

    We replaced all 4 axes with Siemens 1FL6 servo motors and Siemens V70 drives. These servo motors have high resolution absolute feedback and the drives have a digital interface to the Siemens 808D control. On this project we did everything from design, build, and onsite installation.

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