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    Siemens 808D Advanced: King VBM CNC Retrofit Conversion

    This King VBM was a perfect candidate for a new CNC Retrofit conversion and rebuild. This particlar 72″ King VBM was being used for inner stage seal housings. For the last 20 years, it has had multiple drive motor issues and has only been functional on one side due to a broken gib (seized axis). The goal was to provide a scale-able platform to achieve productivity gains on this currently installed VBM. As part of the upgrade, MasterControls worked with a partner company to create a hybrid machine. CNC control on one side and manual on the other. All new axis motors, 808D control, lubrication pump, and table drive motor were provided.

    The existing table drive motor was a 30HP, 900RPM unit. The new motor, a 40HP, 1200RPM unit has inverter duty, TEBC, controllable table speed from 1 to 25RPM without gear changes, stops within 1/2 revolution, and the speed can vary during the program.

    Before the upgrade to CNC, this machine had manual hand wheels, rapid traverse through levers, and most of all required a skilled operator. After the upgrade to a Siemens 808D Advanced, the process is semi-automated, allows for repeatable steps, programs can be saved, cut times can be predicted, operators can multitask, and can create complex geometries. The goal of creating a productive machine was reached!

    Specifications before Upgrade: X Axis – 48″ stroke, 5ipm rapid. Z Axis – 28″ stroke, 5ipm rapid. Specifications after Upgrade: Z/X Axis – up to 300ipm rapids, variable speed table 1 to 25 rpm, Hybrid Machine with manual side still operational, and remote control of axes (HPG). This was all completed with a machine down time of just 2 weeks! Previous reworks had taken months.