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    Siemens 828D: Fryer MB14Q Tool Room Bed Mill

    Bed Mill Kit Full Size3

    This Fryer MB14Q bed mill was running on the original Anilam 3000 Touch control. To increase the machine’s capabilities, the customer decided on the Siemens 828D control with S120 drives and 1FK7 6Nm motors. A new Bardac E3 variable speed drive was also added to run the spindle. The electrical enclosure was designed to work within the spatial limitations specified by the customer.

    The operator station was outfitted with a 271.4 PPU and 483 USB MCP. This also included a wireless hand pulse generator that allows the operator to jog the machine from any position around the bed. The Fryer MB14Q has a Z-axis that consists of the quill and headstock, each able to move independently. An Acu-rite SENC 150 scale was installed to track the quill position and was read into the 828D control via an SMC30 module. A “quill mode” was developed that allows for use of the quill without losing the true location of the Z axis.

    The customer uses this bed mill in their tool room, creating many one-off parts. Siemens conversational programming, ShopMill, was ideal for this application. It is intuitive and includes step by step diagrams and animations during part program creation, as well as immediate simulation to catch errors before they happen.