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    Siemens 840D sl CNC Retrofit Solutions

    Ultimate Performance in the Premium Class

    Offering maximum CNC performance, as well as a degree of flexibility and openness that is absolutely unique in the market, the SINUMERIK 840D sl is the basis for almost any CNC machine. A powerful hardware architecture and intelligent control algorithms — complemented by outstanding drive and motor technology – ensure machining with the highest dynamic performance and precision. Over 50 years of experience in the development and production of CNCs is reflected in an almost inexhaustible range of CNC functionality: Kinematic transformations, compensations and generic couplings are standard SINUMERIK 840D sl functions. Together with a state-of-the-art and integrated user interface, as well as the ability to network from the field up to the company level, a control system is created for a unique range of technological applications — from individual part production on the shopfloor, up to large serial production in industrial manufacturing environments.

    SINAMICS S120 and CU
    S-1FT7 stack

    Complete Range of Machine Tool Applications

    With its premium SINUMERIK 840D sl CNC, Siemens Machine Tool Systems can confidently address every important technology in the machine tool market. These include: milling, turning, machining composites, gear hobbing, grinding, nibbling, waterjet, plasma and laser machining.The SINUMERIK 840D sl sets the pace in the market for high-speed 5-axis milling centers. The same is true for turning centers with B-axis and highly productive multi-spindle applications. The range of applications that the SINUMERIK 840D sl addresses doesn’t just stop where a classic machine tool ends: robotic handling/machining, transfer lines, rotary indexing machines, with or without the tool. The SINUMERIK 840D sl clearly proves its performance wherever precise and dynamic path motion is required.

    5-axis machining at the highest level

    SINUMERIK CNCs offer the optimum kinematic transformations for modern milling machines — from peripheral surface transformation with slot wall correction for cylindrical workpieces, through statically-swiveled planes for multi-side machining, up to dynamic 5-axis transformations (TRAORI) for demanding tool-, moldmaking and aerospace applications.

    Maximum performance

    The SINUMERIK 840D sl offers an almost inexhaustible performance potential — thanks to its drive-based, high-performance NCUs (Numerical Control Units) with state-of-the-art multi-core processor technology. This means that up to 93 axes in 30 machining channels can be controlled in the NCU link. Machine tools with fewer axes benefit from the performance of the SINUMERIK 840D sl as a result of the highest degree of machining precision with the shortest machining times.

    The Highest Precision

    SINUMERIK CNCs and SINAMICS drives compute with high-performance 80 bit NANO accuracy. This eliminates rounding errors and results in an extremely high internal computational accuracy in the complete controller circuit. Feed forward control ensures that errors are almost completely compensated — and jerk limitation reduces stress on the mechanical system when axes accelerate. Thanks to Dynamic Servo Control, SINAMICS drives offer additional position control — and as an additional feature, disturbance resistance for the machine control.

    Maximum Speed

    When machining many CNC blocks in the shortest time, for example, free-form surfaces, the machining process itself no longer defines the speed, but the performance of the CNC system. With the Advanced Surface feature, SINUMERIK CNC offers you the ideal solution. Advanced Surface stands for state-of-the-art control algorithms, such as Look Ahead or the dynamic compression of linear and circular blocks in fifth degree polynomials (NURBS). This means that machines equipped with SINUMERIK controls can be operated at their physical limit.

    Technology Cycles for every Machining Operation

    SINUMERIK controls offer a range of drilling, milling and turning cycles that are absolutely unique in the marketplace — from basic machining operations such as centering, deep-hole drilling, milling circular pockets and turning grooves, up to more complex machining operations such as engraving, deep-hole milling and the trochoidal milling of hard metals. Based upon intelligent kinematic transformations, technology cycles are available at all machining planes. For example, at the face or peripheral surfaces of turned workpieces, or in swiveled planes of milling workpieces.



    Conversational Programming

    Both ShopMill and ShopTurn machining step programming are unbeatable. Machining operations such as drilling, centering, plunging or pocket milling are shown in the form of machining steps. Even for complicated machining operations, CNC programs are extremely compact and easy to read. Using dynamic broken-line graphics, which are absolutely unique in the market, all of the geometrical elements can be displayed to-scale in the CNC program.

    CNC Simulation for reliable/safe processes

    SINUMERIK CNC simulation guarantees maximum process reliability and safety as the real geometries of the tools are always used. It goes without saying that the simulation shows the precise image of the required machining operation — not just bright, colorful graphics. Whether face or peripheral surfaces, swiveled workpiece planes or even machining in several channels, SINUMERIK CNC simulation simulates every machining type. With the moldmaking quick view, even very large part programs can be displayed on the screen within seconds.

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