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    Siemens CNC Retrofit Solutions

    Achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity for less cost

    Keeping pace with the constant demand to modernize, improve productivity, reduce costs and increase quality is a challenge we all have to deal with everyday. Obviously, one solution is to purchase all-new, state-of-the-art CNC machines that best fit your manufacturing needs. This may seem to be an ideal solution until managers get a look at their final, approved capital budget. Stretching less than enough capital money to gain maximum value at minimum cost is imperative. Retrofitting new “state-of-the-art” equipment on existing machines presents an attractive, viable, alternative to maximize value and stretch the overall budget.



    Up to 6 axes/spindles

    Interpolating Axes: up to 4

    1 Machining Channel

    Motor torque: 1.9 – 40 Nm

    8.4″ color display

    64 tools, 128 cutting edges



    Up to 10 axes/spindles + 2 aux

    Interpolating Axes: up to 4

    2 Machining Channels

    Motor torque: 3.5 – 170 Nm

    10.4″ color/15.6″ touch display

    768 tools, 1536 cutting edges

    840D sl


    Up to 93 axes/spindles

    Interpolating Axes: up to 5

    30 Machining Channels

    Motor torque: 3.5 – 170 Nm

    Up to 25″ touch display

    1500 tools, 3000 cutting edges

    Sinumerik 808D/808D Advanced

    The Siemens SINUMERIK 808D Low-Cost Control for Milling/Turning is perfect for Knee Mills, Vertical Machining Centers, Routers, Lathes, and Grinders. The control system is suitable for any machine that has 4 interpolating axes. With the 808D Control, servo sizes run from 1.9NM to 40NM. We also provide pre-packaged kits with servo sizes from 4NM to 10NM, which will handle most small to mid-size machines. Our kits are some of the easiest to install and configure on the market.

    Sinumerik 828D/828D Analog

    The Siemens SINUMERIK 828D Control for Milling/Turning is perfect for Knee/Bed Mills, Boring Mills, Vertical Machining Centers, Routers, VTLs, Lathes, and Grinders. The control system is suitable for any machine that has up to 4 interpolating axes and 10 axes total. The 828D is capable of 3+2 machining using a trunnion table or alike device. With the 828D Control, servo sizes run from 3.5NM to 170NM, which will handle all small to large-size machines. We offer affordable Siemens 828D CNC Retrofit Kits for Knee Mills, Bed Mills, and small VMCs. We also offer a control only upgrade CNC solution that is a fraction of the cost of a full system, reusing the customers drives and motors up to ANY size. Siemens Conversational Programming: ShopMill/ShopTurn is one of the best on the market. It provides the shortest programming time when producing individual parts and small series.

    Sinumerik 840D sl

    With its premium SINUMERIK 840D sl CNC, Siemens Machine Tool Systems can confidently address every important technology in the machine tool market. These include: milling, turning, machining composites, gear hobbing, grinding, nibbling, waterjet, plasma and laser machining. The SINUMERIK 840D sl sets the pace in the market for high-speed 5-axis milling centers. The same is true for turning centers with B-axis and highly productive multi-spindle applications. The range of applications that the SINUMERIK 840D sl addresses doesn’t just stop where a classic machine tool ends: robotic handling/machining, transfer lines, rotary indexing machines, with or without the tool. The SINUMERIK 840D sl clearly proves its performance wherever precise and dynamic path motion is required.

    With SINUMERIK, you can use all machining technologiesSINUMERIK 808DSINUMERIK 828DSINUMERIK 840D sl
    Additive Manufacturing
    Gear Machining
    Nibbling, laser, water jet, and plasma machining
    Machining composites
    Automated cell

    Want to Try Sinumerik CNC Before you Buy?

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    Download the FREE PC Software HERE.


    FREE Training Webinars covering the following:

    • Workpiece/Tool Setup
    • G-Code Standard/Advanced Cycles (programGUIDE)
    • Program Simulation
    • Create & Manage Tools/Offsets
    • Conversational Standard/Advanced Cycles (ShopMill/ShopTurn)
    • Working with CAD/CAM Programs
    • DXF Programming
    • Automatic Calculations (trig, contours, etc.)
    • Probing Cycles (Manual/Automatic)
    • And Many more!

    Download the Siemens SINUMERIK 808D / 808D ADVANCED Catalog for more information.

    Download the Siemens SINUMERIK 828D / 828D BASIC Catalog for more information.

    Download the Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl Catalog for more information.

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