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    Siemens 828D: Cincinnati 5H-100 Horizontal Boring Mill

    10.4in 828 Simulator

    This Cincinnati 5H-100 horizontal mill was running on the original Cincinnati Milacron control and needed an update, both in the control and mechanical systems. First, our partners at Industrial Machine Tech out of Niles, MI rebuilt the headstock, spindle motor, and hydraulic pump and replaced the ball screws. We then installed the new operator station and enclosure. The customer decided on the Siemens 828D control with S120 drives and 1FK7 6Nm motors.

    The operator station was outfitted with a 271.4 PPU and 483 USB MCP. This also included a wireless hand pulse generator that allows the operator to jog the machine from any side of the table. The Cincinnati 5H-100 has a Z-axis that consists of the quill and headstock, which are mechanically toggled. An Acu-rite SENC 150 scale with a DRO101 single axis display was added to display the headstock position, while the high-resolution absolute encoder on the Z axis motor was used to track the quill position. Although the quill travel is only 8”, the ability to adjust the headstock position accurately greatly increases the machining envelope.

    This customer ran many one-off and small batch jobs, so the ability to quickly create the part programs was key. Siemens conversational programming (ShopMill), was ideal for this application. It is intuitive and includes step by step diagrams and animations during part program creation. Many operators can produce parts their first day on the control.